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Math 181

I last taught Trigonomerty during the summer 2012 semester. At the end of the course I gave a survey where the last question was - What advice would you give to an incoming student to this class? The unedited responses are below.

Best way to keep you're grade high, finish the homework quick and study it for the upcoming quizzes and test's. Always look over what you got wrong you're test. This way you understand what you did wrong and can be better prepared for the final.

Listen to the lectures and don't slack off. Some may think trigonometry is easy, but it honestly isn't.

the advice I would give tot he up coming students taking this class is that do your homework as soon as it is assigned, that way you will be in good shape for the quizzes and it will get you in that study mode so that you don't have to stay up late the night before it is due to cram it. Also it really nice if you could try to do the problem of the section that will be teach in class that day, so that you stay ahead of the game.

HWs and lectures are appearing on quiz and test!

Always do the online homework on time. Copy every notes and examples from the board and always review them before you come to class.

Just do the homework, don't be lazy, it's school you're not supposed to be lazy. But really it will help you if you do the homework on the same day the teacher gives it to you. Good luck and practise, it will really help you in the end.

Study study study. When in doubt, study some more.

Prepare for quizzes, don't lose formula sheet

Pay attention, study, be familiar with the formulas and unit circle, and do not slack off on homework (easy to get 100% on homework.)Simple as that.


Do not slack off on homework.

Do your homework.

be ahead of the homework ALWAYS.

Work on and finish homework the day it is assigned. Remember to set calculator to radian/degree mode when necessary.

You need to have good attendance and stay on track because there are quizzes on most days and quizzes will impact your grade. Chapter 5 and 6 are the most difficult and it is necessary to study those 2 chapters a lot.

Don't be an idiot.

I would avice them to start off strong and keep it that way to get a grade over B.

Click on 'similar exercise' to get a complete fresh start at trying the homework problems.

Practice each problem done in class until you understand it. Don't feel overwhelmed if you don't understand a problem in class just go home and practice it. Also do the hw as you go along. If you do 3.1 in class go home and do that section try not to fall behind. Even though hw is due two days after it is assigned, don't wait that long to do it. If you keep up with the work (and there's not that much) it's easy to get a good grade. It's also easy to fail if you allow yourself to fall behind.