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Math 159

At the end of the course I gave a survey where the last question was - What advice would you give to an incoming student to this class? The unedited responses for the last 2 semesters are below.

Stay on the teacher's good side

Don't procrastinate

Do homework will help you.

Do the homework and don't ask stupid questions.Embrace the learning opportunity

PAY ATTENTION!! If you have the chance to take O'Connell and you don't then you're clearly not smart enough to be in college.

Pay attention in class, and make sure you do the homework after class. Then this course will be super easy!

Do the homework and get the help you need early in the semester.

Do HW. Take practice quizes as many time as you can.

Do the homework! Get a 95% and Mr. Oconnell will drop your lowest quiz and exam.

Do homework

Do all the homework, Make sure you pay attention to the word problems because as the semester progresses, it will only get more tricky! practice Practice! you can definitely ace this class if you put in effort.

This class is 100% managable. It was my favorite class and i got the grade i was reaching for! As long as you pay attention and always keep up with the homework the quizzes and exams are all in your reach!

Make sure you do the homework, and takes notes during the class time.

DO the practice quiz and test !!!

Beat the life out of the practice review problems before quizzes and exams so when the test day comes, it is easy peasy.

Stay on top of your homework and take advantage of the practice tests, they help greatly!


If you think you are studying hard, study harder.

DO the pratice exam and quiz!!!

make sure that you do your homework! and take all the practice test that are given to you. they can only help!
Just do your homework, always bring a calculator and don't be late. If you do all of these things, you'll be fine! :)

Review the homework that you did prior to the quizes/exams. Do the practice quizes/exams if you need extra help. Pay attention in class for anything occurring within the program that might be confusing.

Set time aside just for this course. Take this course extremely serious and ALWAYS show up to class. Missing one day will send you back and your grade will suffer.

If you have taken AP Stats or any other course similar to this in High School use it to your advantage. Don't let this be the reason you slack off in class. No slacking.

Do homework. Do practice quiz and tests as much as you can. DON'T MISS CLASS!

I would suggest to do all the homework for the points, but make sure you study very hard for all of the tests, that way, you will have a high grade at the end of the course, and you won't have to stress too much about the final.

Do homework, be prepared before quiz and test as much as you can. Be punctuated

Make sure to go over the practice tests and practice quizzes before taking the real thing. Do not rely on homework to be your only study material. Pay close to attention to the professor's instructions for wording answers to questions from chapters 9-12 (Null hypothesis testing is so confusing otherwise. Do ALL the homework and the rewards will follow at the end of the semester.

'Look at me'....'Everybody look at me'... is not a suggestion - it is an order. Get 95% done on your homework because it will change your life. Bring Mr. O to Vegas with you so you can retire with lots and lots of money. Thanks Mr. O for being an AWESOME, FUN, and INSPIRING math teacher. You made me look forward to a 7:45am class!

Do the homework, take notes and be attentive when Mr. O Connell lectures, do practice quizzes/exams (online and
written). Do all that and I guarantee an A.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DO IT. DO IT. GET 100% ON ALL OF THE ASSIGNMENTS. STAY UP LATE IF YOU HAVE TO UNTIL YOU GET IT ALL RIGHT BECAUSE IT'S SERIOUSLY THE MOST HELPFUL THING IN THIS CLASS. If you keep doing it, it's basically a self learning process. The exams/quizzes are pretty much modeled after the homework. Not to mention the fact that if you get above 95% in the homework, he drops your lowest quiz/exam score, and that really proves to be helpful to your grade when the time comes. The practice quizzes/tests are EXTREMELY helpful and crucial to understand if you want to do well on any exam. Show up to class, because Mr. O's lectures are really important, try not to miss any classes if you can. Ask questions. This class gives you all the material/help you need to do well in the class, and really understand statistics at the same time. but it's all on YOU. this could be an easy class given the proper dedicated time, or it can be extremely hard and disappointing if you leave everything for the last minute. so remember. HW/PRACTICE QUIZZES/PRACTICE TESTS = successful grade in the class.

Do the homework, come to class, use the formula notes during the tests and you should get an A, relative that algebra 2 (and math in particular) were not that difficult for you.

Do the homework & study. Do that and you'll be fine.

if they would like to get higher score, please spend more time on homework, and review them.

study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, review, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, Talk to others, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun. :)

Do your homework and you have to get help from the math lab. spend alot time on your practice quiz and practice exams

DO the homework. and make friends in the class and start a study group.STUDY GROUP STUDY GROUP. DON'T GET LAZY

Don't miss any classes because each class the information you learn is very important. Do your homework and you will be fine!

Do not miss class! Use all the tools available to you in this class, take advantage of the Facebook page.

DO THE HOMEWORK & PRACTICE TESTS! Do both of those & you will get an A!!

Be ready to learn! and make Mr. Oconnell laugh!

Pay Attention in Details

Dont think that you will fall asleep in this class. BE AWARE of the program where the teacher can see what you are doing. you will definitely get this class. He has a way of teaching you so that it makes perfect sense. DO THE HOMEWORK! ALL OF IT

DO. THE. HOMEWORK. Don't be like me and get a 94% in the homework and then not be able to drop a test and a quiz. Also study for the final. It is a lot of information.

Do all your homework and study for test.

do HW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will find how awesome at the end of the semester

do more practice exam and quiz

Do the homework and pratice problems. It's a easy class to get an A.


Don't slack off in the beginning of the semester

Make sure you do all your homework. it will save your life in this class. also take advantage of the practice tests and quizzes. they really do help.

Do all your homework. Pay attention. Learn to use statcrunch early on. DO YOUR HOMEWORK DO your HW

Make sure you do all your homework. it will save your life in this class. also take advantage of the practice tests and quizzes. they really do help.

do the homework, every question in the test is from the homework

Do the homework, practice quizzes and practice tests because the more you do them the better you will do in the course.

Show up to all class session and have a sense of humor. Do ALL the homework.

Make sure you do the homework and don't skip the class. When you are doing a problem, talk to the person next to you. Enjoy!

Do all your homework because he drops the lowest quiz and exam grade! Keep taking the practice quiz and practice exam over and over again because it really makes the tests easier.

Do not miss any lecture and hard work on homework and class materials; you will be fine.


Do the homework and reviews and you will get an A in the class most likely.

Great teacheR EVER, get in this class!!

I would advice other students to take his class. They will be enjoyable to study this class.

YOU, as a student, have just made one of the best decisions in choosing Professor O'Connell as your guide through statistics. He gives you everything necessary to pass the class and delivers everything step by step. But for your intake you must: come to class on time, ask questions (don't be afraid to be confused), practice as much as possible online (outside of class), and don't leave O'Connell hanging. Take your time through your work and don't wait to do an assignment (do not procrastinate!). This is an easy class as long as you get things done!
You really need to study outside of class!! I know that college students have busy schedules with other classes and working part time jobs but you really need to understand this work to the point where you just wont forget it, because that was definitely a common problem with me. try and make friends with classmates and plan study groups, those can really help with any confusion you may be having during this course. pay attention, and just turn off your phone to avoid any distractions!

Do all the homework! If you get a question wrong make sure you do a similar exercise to get it right. Do the practice quizzes and tests because that really helps a lot.

Relax and take it easy

They should do their homework and everything will be fine. The quizzes and the tests are based on homework too, plus in the end of the semester the lowest grade of test and quiz will be dropped if the homework is completed.

Do the homework.

Make sure you do ALL your homework and try harder than normal cause this is and easy class and its even easier to get a good grade. Also cherish StatCrunch it prevents the carpal tunnel in your hands from writing our every single math problem. Just use your head and you will succeed in this class.

Study, study, put a lot of time into this course. Also suggest to study the written and practice exams they are very useful. Most important to keep up with the homework and practice all the math lab practice quizzes because it makes a difference on the number of times done. One last note pay attention in class get help if you need it at math lab and be a friend of Mr. Oconnell's Facebook because it's helpful. Make sure to study put in a lot of hours in stats.

DO HW! it really helps your grade. dont be afraid, ask teacher for help, he's awsome