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Jeff's Online "Excel for teachers in 30 minutes" class. Download the spreadsheet used in the video here.

Introduction to Excel (alternate title: What is Excel and why do I care?). Approximately 7 minutes.

Lesson 1 – Formatting (column widths, deleting columns, adding/dropping students, numbering students, coloring every third line) approximately 11 minutes.

Lesson 2 – Grades for a class based on points only. Approximately 7 minutes.

Lesson 3 – Grades for a class based on a weighted average. Approximately 5 minutes.

Bob's Tips and Tricks you may never use

Bob and Jeff are happy answer any question about Excel but please keep in mind that Bob prefers Milky Ways while Jeff prefers M&Ms (plain not peanut).
Bob's e-mail:  bbradshaw@ohlone.edu
Jeff's e-mail:  joconnell@ohlone.edu

Please contact joconnell@ohlone.edu
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