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Math 111 - Bradshaw - Spring 2013

Course Materials

Notes Slides Homework Files
Introduction X X X Sample LaTeX file for HW 1
Sample Matlab .m file for HW 1
Arrays X X X
Functions X X X
Programming X X X Sample file: myline1.m
Sample file: myline2.m
Sample file: myline3.m
Sample file: myline4.m
Sample file: programming_projectile.m
Graphics X X X Graphing Script 1
Graphing Script 2
Graphing Script 3
Graphing: plotyy
Graphing: subplots
Graphing: figures
Graphing: windowstyle
Model Building X X X Power Function Model
Exponential Function Model
Interpolation X X Graphs of Different Models
Interp1 command
Look-Up Tables
Linear Algebra X X X
Calculus X X X
Simulink X X
Symbolics X X


Octave is an open source version of MATLAB. It is completely free and legal to use. Installation will require a little bit of work on your part and you will also need to set the correct path so that Octave can find your work files. You can find Octave at

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