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ECS 306
Guidance & Discipline of Young Children

Syllabus (Green Sheet)

Pearson My Lab / Mastering

Forms Student Information (Pink)
Student Responsibilities (Golden Rod)
Semester Grade Sheet (Start of Term)
Weekly Evaluation (Blue Sheet)

Initial Self-Assessment (Buff)
Final Self-Assessment (Buff)
Book Reflection
Clear Messages
Journal Assignment #1
Journal Assignments #2
Exploring Family Relationships
My Parents Myself
I Messages
Reflective Listening
Natural/Logical Consequences
Problem Solving
Temperaments Rating Scale
Positive Pictures
Praise vs Acknowledgment
Identifying Parenting Styles
Grammar Proficiency

Alternatives to Punishment
Steps to Reflective Listening
I Messages Steps
No Lose Problem Solving
DAP Video Handout
Self Grading Criteria
Kids are Worth It
Dr. Gordon Active Listening
What Every Parent Should Know
ECS 306 Websites

How to Talk (Yellow ONLY)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

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