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ECS 302
Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum

Syllabus (Green Sheet)

Pearson My Lab / Mastering

Student Information (Pink)
Student Responsibilities (Golden Rod)
Lab Log
Weekly Evaluation (Blue Sheet)
Student Documentation Evaluation (Yellow Sheet)
Curriculum Activity Form
Curriculum activity grade sheet
Instructor documentation evaluation
Instructor Music Movement evaluation

Instructor resource activity evaluation

Emergent Lesson Plan Format

Resource Binder Grade Sheet

Initial Self Assessment (Buff)
Teaching Stories Book Review Paper
Curriculum Activities Assignments
Curriculum Activities Resource File

Dramatic Play Reflection

Grammar Proficiency
Curriculum Activity Evaluation

Tips for Getting the Most from Studying
Lab Sign Up Procedures
Guidelines for Observing
Kinds of Play
Documentation Boards & Portfolios
Elements of Play
Goals & Objectives
Provision, Sustain, Enrich, Represent
Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Documentation
Kidango FAQs

Developmental Math Handout

ECS 302 Websites

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