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Mark Brosamer
Professor of English

Phone: (510) 659-6249 
Office: Building 2, Room 2322 







Courses I Teach


Core Classes:

English 151A
English 151B
English 101A
English 101B
English 101C


English 107 (Literature and Film)
English 112 (Modern Fiction)
English 120A/B (Survey of American Literature

English 104 (The Short Story)


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Helpful Links


Writing, Grammar, and ESL Help


Purdue Online Writing Lab
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Common Errors in English



New York Times On Line
Online Dictionaries
Ohlone College Library


Shakespeare's Plays (Complete Texts)
Daily Poem
Glossary of Literary Terms
The IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection
Literary Movements in American Literature

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Other Projects




Click below to learn how you can go to Sydney, Australia on a semester abroad:




The Ohlone-China Sister College Program

This is a video highlighting Ohlone College's exchange program with several "sister colleges" in China, particularly Taizhou Radio and Television University in southeastern China. If you're interested in studying abroad in China, visit the Ohlone study abroad website here.



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