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Larissa A. Favela

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Speech and Communication Studies

Ohlone College

Education is not merely a means for earning a living or an instrument for the acquisition of wealth. It is an initiation into a life of spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue”.

- Vljaya Lakshimi Pandit

Contact Info:

  Email- lbailon@ohlone.edu

Office Hours: Tuesdays, 6:00 – 6:30 pm

     Or by appt. only

Academic Interests: Critical Rhetoric, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Identity, especially multi-racial identity and Japanese American identity and Mexican American identity

Spring 2007 course links and info:

SPCH 104 Critical Thinking/Persuasion

Some interesting (?) facts about me…

I was born and raised in San Jose, California

I am the oldest of six kids in a multi-racial family

I am Japexican = Japanese and Mexican American

I am a graduate of San Jose State University (BA & MA)

I am (recently!)married to the studliest man in the world and the love of my life

I aspire to obtain a PhD in something and write a textbook, plus start a family

I love the color RED

I enjoy traveling and have visited eight different European countries (and I hope to visit more!)

I like to read

I can cook

I am fascinated with shoes

I drink coffee



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