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Experiments, 101A
Experiments, 101B
Work Sessions 101A
Work Sessions 101B
How to Use:
Lab Safety Lab Safety
2 Formulas
1 Review Atoms

Measurement (individual)

Measurement (partners)

Lab Review
2 Periodic Table
2 Review Molecules
Buchner Funnels
Light and Spectra Intro to Kinetics
3 Empirical, Balancing
16a Massage Data
Bunsen Burners
Spectrophotometer The Rate Law
3 Stoichiometry
16b/17 Kinetics, Equil
Burets and Pipets
Alum Activation Energy
4 Oxidation #, Redox
18 Acids, Bases
Graduated Cylinders
Reactions Equilibrium
5 Gas Laws
19 Ionic Equil
Rubber and Glass
Solution Stoichiometry Le Chatelier's Principle
8 Electron Config
20 Entropy, Free E
Bomb Calorimetry Weak Acid Equilibrium
9 Atomic Prop, Bonds
21a Batteries
Avogadro Vitamin C Analysis
10 Lewis Structures
21b Electrochem
Gases: Molar Volume, R Phosphoric Acid Titration
11 Bonding
15 Organic
Excel and Graphs
Clausius-Clapeyron Solubility Constant
12 Intermolecular
23/24 Transition, Nuclear
Excel Templates (templates for lab data)
Diffraction Entropy
13 Concentrations 
 VS Nuclear History
Molecular Models Voltaic Cells      
Specific Heat Electrolytic Cells      
Molecular Mass of a Gas Coordination Compounds      
Ionization Energy Aspirin Synthesis      
Freezing Point Depression Casein      
Empirical Formula Chromatography      

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