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WEX:work education experience

What is work experience? WEX Student

Work Experience Education is a program in which students gain academic credit for learning while in the workplace. The ultimate goal of the program is to teach students those skills and attitudes that will equip them to function and adapt as an employee in a variety of situations and jobs.

Why would I want to be in the Work Experience Education Program?

You can earn credit while learning new skills on the job. You can develop on-the-job learning opportunities that will help keep you up-to-date in the ever-changing job market. You can use your Work Experience Education credit towards general elective credits.

What's the difference between General Work Experience and Occupational Work Experience?

General Work Experience (WEX-185) is supervised employment that is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness. The work experience need not be related to the student's educational or occupational goal.

Occupational Work Experience Education is supervised employment extending class-room based occupational learning to a job site, which directly relates to the student's educational or occupational goal.

Before enrolling in either one of the Work Experience classes, you need to have a paid job offer (or volunteer job offer) already set up.

Do I get credit for my internship?

Yes, you can receive credit for the internship that you complete for your major course of study. To earn Work Experience credit, enroll in the WEX-195 class after you start the internship job. Please note that you cannot earn WEX credit after your internship has stopped; you must be enrolled in WEX while working as an intern.

Do I get credit for working?

No, you do not receive credit just for working. In order to qualify for Work Experience Education credits there are a number of tasks you must complete during the semester. First, you must complete the required forms including the Application and Student Agreement.

Next, you and your supervisor must agree on learning objectives that you will complete during the semester. These must be specific and measurable objectives that can be completed in the length of the semester. You will need to spend some time working with your supervisor on this task.

You will also be expected to be in touch via email or mail with your instructor a minimum of three times during the semester. These brief reports should detail how your work experience is going, identifying any problems or successes, and giving a basic progress report on your learning objectives.

The instructor, your supervisor, and you, the participant, will meet during the semester to gauge the progress on the learning objectives. During this visit, the instructor will speak with the supervisor, assessing the student's performance, and also will speak with the student, assessing the supervisor's level of support and assistance in meeting the learning objectives. This is a mandatory meeting in order to earn WEX credit.

Finally, you will need to prepare a written self-evaluation report, telling from your own perspective, the extent to which you have achieved your objectives. This report should summarize your work experience detailing how you have benefited from your participation in the program.

How will my grade be determined?

In the Work Experience Education packet, you will find a sheet which outlines a point-based plan used to determine your semester grade. These points correlate to the assignments you are given to complete throughout the semester.

Who will be my instructor?

Ohlone College will assign an instructor to assist you throughout the semester. This instructor will be the individual that you should be in contact with regarding any problems you may encounter or any questions you may have.


Please note that this is an open-entry, open-exit class. However, the last day to enter the class is Monday of Week 8.