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WEX Student Handbook

Summary of Requirements



Grading Criteria

Writing Learning Objectives

Sample Learning Objectives

Self Evaluation

Resumé Writing

Summary - Schedule of Due Dates

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Form 1 (pdf)

Form 2 (pdf)

Form 3 (pdf)

Form 4 (pdf)

Form 5 (pdf)
Time Card

Form 6 (pdf)

Letter to

Education Agreement (pdf)
if you are unpaid

The Wex-101 (Orientation) schedule can be found on the Ohlone College Blackboard Web site that you have access to. Contact your WEX Coordinator at WEXC@ohlone.edu if you do not have access to the Blackboard website on the first day of the semester.

Deadlines for Spring 2014:

Form  Description  Due date
 February 10
  (or within a week of your Orientation session)
 Student Agreement  February 10
  (or within a week of your Orientation session)
4  Performance Agreement  February 17
  (or within 2 weeks of your Orientation session)
5  Jan Time Card  February 17
5  Feb Time Card  March 10
-  contact --
   brief progress report
 March 10
5  Mar Time Card  April 14
-  contact --
   brief progress report
 April 14
5  Apr Time Card  May 12
5  May Time Card  May 16
-  Self Evaluation  May 16 (the end of the 15th week)
6  Program Evaluation  May 16 (the end of the 15th week)
-  Resumé  May 16 (the end of the 15th week)
4  Ratings  May 16 (the end of the 15th week)

In addition to turning in specific forms and sending me update notes by their deadlines, you need to set up a time for me to meet with you and your supervisor to discuss your progress. This meeting can take place at any time during the semester. It is your responsibility to set up this meeting. Remember: You cannot pass this class without setting up and then attending this meeting.

Writing a Learning Objective:
     What do I want to learn?
     How will I learn it?
     How will it be measured, and by whom?
     When will it be accomplished?

Self Evaluation:
     List your stated learning objectives.
     Explain your method for accomplishing each.
     Did you achieve each learning objective? How well?
     Did these learning objectives improve your job skills and/or effectiveness? How?
     Did these learning objectives help develop and/or clarify your career objectives? How?
     Did this experience (your job) help develop and/or clarify your career objectives? How?

     Is it typed / word-processed?
     Is it neat / professional?
     Does it include your Ohlone education?
     Does it include this work experience?

Program Evaluation:
     Did you do both pages?

For a comprehensive description of the Work Experience Program,
   visit the Work Experience Web Site and read the Student Handbook.

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