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Increase sales by 10 percent. Objective will be accomplished by selling related products, developing increased product knowledge, and by studying various "Sales" manuals and books. Supervisor to evaluate through the review of sales receipts. Objective will be completed by Dec 12, 20XX.

Establish filing system for office operations. To be done by practical application of current and new skills, working with supervisor, locating space and researching the best system to use. Supervisor to evaluate through observation and inspection of new system. Objective will be completed by May 15, 20XX.

Increase efficiency in stocking shelves. To be done by developing an organized system, making full use of time, and by consultations with supervisor. Evaluation to come from supervisor through inspection and observation. Objective will be completed by Dec 8, 20XX.

Create reading and writing lesson plans for third graders. To be done by actual experience, instruction from supervisor, and applying current classroom knowledge. Supervisor will evaluate by review of lesson plans. Objective will be completed by May 15, 20XX.

Increase knowledge of the correlation of visual merchandising and sales by creating 10 display units and tracking inventory for three weeks. Evaluation to come from supervisor reviewing sales and observation of display units. Objective will be completed by Dec 10, 20XX.

Develop basic engineering knowledge and practical skills in regard to concrete construction. Supervisor will assist through instruction and company written materials. Supervisor will inspect and evaluate progress. Objective will be completed by May 10, 20XX.

Establish and write a new job description that requires job enrichment and enhancement by defining current job responsibilities and brainstorming with supervisor as to how these responsibilities can be enhanced and expanded. Supervisor evaluates based on comparison of previous and newly developed written job description. Objective will be completed by Dec 15, 20XX.

Devise a safety checklist by investigating all accident reports and gathering data. Demonstrate effectiveness of safety precautions as reflected in accident reports to supervisor. Objective will be completed by May 12, 20XX.

Develop a method of disciplining children that maintains the integrity of the child and provides the appropriate consequence for inappropriate behavior by reviewing the theoretical literature on child discipline and extracting principles and a model for disciplining. Also, brainstorm with co-workers and head teacher on the natural or appropriate consequences for inappropriate behavior. Evaluated by head teacher based on observation and personal conference. Objective will be completed by Dec 11, 20XX.

Develop recommendations for ways of reducing equipment failures by investigating all equipment failures to search for other causes of failure. Recommendations will be made to supervisor regarding cause and effect of equipment failures. Objective will be completed by May 16, 20XX.

Develop business finance skills through cross training in bookkeeping and financial management by one-on-one training with the finance manager. Evaluated based on accuracy in managing and balancing the finance system over the next two months. Objective will be completed by Dec 9, 20XX.

Increase computer skills relevant to the field of web publishing by reviewing HTML technical literature on how to develop web sites. Supervisor will review and evaluate. Objective will be completed by May 17, 20XX.

Develop an inventory control process that identifies, and flags, chemical quantities needed for use in the lab. Evaluated based on accuracy in inventory. Will be completed by Dec 14, 20XX.

Develop ability to use in-house word processing software in order to produce a calendar of office events, by working through the tutorial manual. Office Manager will review and evaluate work produced. Objective will be completed by May 17, 20XX.

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