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Welcome to the Work Experience Education Program at Ohlone College. This is an academic program that allows a student's experience at a job to be used as a basis for assigning academic credit. No class meetings are required except the initial Orientation to the Program. Please carefully follow the directions and timelines given below.

  1. You must have a job, either a paid position or volunteer.
  2. You must register for a Work Experience class.
    If your job is related to your major, enroll in a 195 class:
    • WEX 195 classes are Occupational work Experience for students working in their fields:
    • WEX 195 is also Occupational Work Experience.
    • Occupational Work Experience Education allows a student to earn college credit by learning or improving knowledge or skills in a job situation related to one of the college's occupational disciplines. In effect, this allows the student to achieve classroom-based occupational learning in a job related to an educational or occupational goal. The student's work must be related to the course.
    If your job is NOT related to your major, enroll in WEX 185:
    • WEX 185 is General Work Experience, for students working in jobs unrelated to their career or educational goals.
    • General Work Experience Education allows a student to earn college credit by learning or improving general work knowledge or skills. This Program is intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes, and career awareness. The work experience need not be related to a student's career goal or any specific vocational program or major offered by the college. Any type of work is appropriate.

    The number of units you take should be determined by the number of hours you work during the semester:
      For Paid Employment: For Volunteer Work:
      75 hours = 1 unit    
    150 hours = 2 units   
    225 hours = 3 units   
    300 hours = 4 units   
    60 hours = 1 unit    
    120 hours = 2 units   
    180 hours = 3 units   
    240 hours = 4 units   

    For example, if you are majoring in AJ, getting paid for working in a related job, and you will work 200 hours during the semester, enroll in WEX-195A2.
    Need some help figuring out how many units to take? Go here.
  3. You must attend at least one section of WEX Orientation. During the orientation, your instructor will explain how the program works and answer questions that you might have. Each section meets just once. Times and dates of the orientation will be mailed to you via the e-mail address that you gave the school when you registered as a student. Look for this e-mail to arrive in your e-mail inbox about one week before the school semester begins.
  4. Within one week of your Orientation session, you need to call or email your WEX instructor. If you have completed an orientation, you should know who your instructor is and have the appropriate contact information. It is your responsibility to contact the WEX instructor within one week of the Orientation!
  5. With the help of your supervisor, write Learning Objectives. These will be your goals for the semester, and your success in completing them will contribute significantly to your grade. The number of objectives you need will depend on the number of Work Experience units you take:
    1 unit --  1 Learning Objective
    2 units -- 2 Learning Objectives
    3 units -- 3 Learning Objectives
    4 units -- 3 Learning Objectives
  6. Communicate with your instructor at least three times during the semester to inform him/her of your progress with your Learning Objectives. You can do this on the phone, in person, or via email. (The instructors prefer that you use email.) One of these communications will be an in-person meeting with you, your supervisor, and your instructor, which will take place at your worksite. It is YOUR responsibility to arrange this meeting.
  7. Complete and submit the following forms as indicated below. (Note: It is a good idea to make a copy of anything you turn in and keep it for your own records!)
  8. REMEMBER: The meeting with your supervisor/manager, your instructor, and you, is a "mandatory" meeting. This meeting is required by the State of California in order for credit to be earned. You cannot pass the class without scheduling and then attending this meeting.


Application (Form #1) Within a week of Orientation Your WEX Instructor
Student Agreement (Form #2) Within a week of Orientation Your WEX Instructor
Learning Objectives Worksheet (Form #3) Third Week Your employer/supervisor
Performance Agreement (Form #4) Fourth Week Your WEX Instructor
Time Cards (Form #5) By due date
in the following month
Your WEX Instructor
Resumé Fifteenth Week Your WEX Instructor
Self-Evaluation Fifteenth Week Your WEX Instructor
Program Evaluation (Form #6) or Online Evaluation Fifteenth Week Your WEX Instructor
Supervisorís Rating on your
Learning Objectives (Form #4)
Fifteenth Week Your WEX Instructor

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