United Faculty of Ohlone


CEER Committee

CEER (Certificated Employee-Employer Relations) Committee

As established by Article 6 of the UFO Contract, this committee’s purpose is to maintain a viable and effective channel of communication between the District and the UFO.

Faculty Representatives: Bob Bradshaw, Jennifer Harper (Chair), Rob Smedfjeld
District Representatives: Vy Anderson, Mark Lieu, Shairon Zingsheim

Meeting Schedule:
Spring 2016, 10:30am-12:00pm room 7102:
February 19th
March 11th
April 8th
May 6th


Minutes (2016)

CEER Minutes DRAFT 2016.02.19


Minutes (2015)

CEER Minutes.2015.09.18

CEER Minutes.2015.05.08

CEER Minutes.2015.04.24


Minutes (2014)

CEER Minutes.2014.10.17

CEER Minutes.2014.09.12

CEER Minutes.2014.05.16

CEER Minutes.2014.04.04

CEER Minutes.2014.01.23



For more meeting minutes, please see the Archive