United Faculty of Ohlone

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The UFO has established this website to provide the Ohlone College Faculty access to our contract, our newsletters and our Executive Committee.

Our faculty established the UFO in 1979 as an independent union to protect your employment rights as well as engage in collective bargaining pursuant to the California Public Employees Act of 1976. The UFO and the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, through our respective negotiators, collectively bargain any and all issues relating to working conditions and conditions of employment.



2017 negotiations are still underway - we expect a tentative agreement will be presented to faculty for consideration in October.


Newsletter :

Spring 2016 Newsletter


Meetings Schedule Spring 2018:

2nd Monday of each month

  • Feb 26, Hyman Hall -120, 4:30pmĀ 
  • March 12th at 3:30pm, Room TBA
  • April 9th at 3:30pm, Room TBA
  • May 14th, time: TBA, Room TBA