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Ohlone Instructors:
To help your students learn to gather information for term papers and other class projects, we offer one-hour sessions on using library resources.

To schedule a session at
Fremont, call KG Greenstein
at extension 7580, or .
To schedule a session at
the Newark Center, contact
Barbara Duggal at extension
3127, , or drop
by the NC-LRC and speak
with any of the librarians
at the Reference Desk.
We will need at least
one week's notice.

We find library instruction sessions are most effective when you give your students a library assignment before the session, and when you participate in the session along with the students.
Your presence is a powerful force for a good educational result.

The librarians are looking forward to working with your students.


  • Students learn to use the library effectively
  • Course-related classes
  • Classes tailored to your teaching objectives
  • Students learn how to gather information in discipline area
  • Day and evening classes

Students Learn:

  • To select appropriate sources of information
  • To evaluate the sources to identify those best suited to their project
  • To understand our online library catalog, HANS 
  • To use our web-based periodical databases
  • To use the Internet for research 

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