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Electronic Books

What is an Electronic Book (eBook)?

are digital, full-text versions
of printed books.

As a student or staff member at Ohlone College, you have round the clock access to any of the eBooks in your library's collection -- over 20,000 titles in all.

How Can I Find and Use eBooks?

Access eBooks in two ways:

1. Search for eBooks
through HANS,
our online catalog.

2. Search for eBooks
at the eBook vendor's web site:

eBook Collection

(was: NetLibrary)
-- includes over 20,000 titles in every discipline

eBook Collection
(formerly Greenwood)
includes hundreds of titles
in most disciplines

Gale Virtual
Reference Librar
-- excellent coverage of all subjects from encyclopedias and specialized reference sources

How to find eBooks through HANS:

HANS is the Ohlone College Library online catalog. When you search in HANS — by keyword, by author, by title or by subject — any eBooks we own will be included in your search results. For keyword and title searches, you can "Quick Limit" your search results so that you retrieve only electronic books. The eBooks will be labeled:
Library Location: Electronic Book

To view an eBook, Click on any one of the resulting titles. When the full record is displayed, look for the link that reads: Click here to access [this electronic book]. If you click on this link, you will be taken to the summary page for that eBook. Follow the directions at each vendor's web site to access their materials most efficiently.

Note: From off-campus, you will be prompted to login when you attempt to view an eBook. Follow the prompts on the screen to enter your student/staff ID and your last name. You will only have to log in once per browser session.

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