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Why Not Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is good for two things:

1) Quick informal information search on something that doesn't matter that much. For example:

2) Deep immersive participation in a collaborative research project. Contributing to, or at least following closely, the construction of knowledge on a topic. This might apply, for example, to a topic on which you can decribe your feelings this way:

"I am passionately interested in and already quite knowledgeable about [topic X], and I want to read everything written on that topic, share my own knowledge about it if I believe something is missing or inaccurate, and possibly engage in debates about my ideas with other interested persons. I already know so much about this topic that I will be able to distinguish falsehoods, inaccuracies, valdalism, silliness, and manifestations of mental illness from otherwise accurate information. I'm really interested in this topic and am willing to devote lots and lots of time to thinking about it."

Academic research, as in, "I have to write a five page paper on a topic and find 5 reliable sources supporting my ideas and conclusions" does not fall into either of the above categories.

Please don't use Wikipedia for academic research.

Getting an Overview of & Refining Your Topic:

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Research to Cite in your Paper: Academic & Scientific Articles

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Citing What You Find

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