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Print Articles and Book Chapters:

General Format:

Author's Last Name, First Initials. (Date of publication). Article title.

     Name of Periodical, volume number, pages.


Agusti, A.G., Sauleda, J., Miralles, C.,Togores, B., Sala, E., & Batle, S. et al. 

     (2002, August 15). Skeletal Muscle Apoptosis and Weight Loss In Chronic

     Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical

     Care Medicine, 166, 485-489. [journal article -- volume 166. Note how multiple

     authors are shown] 
Bhutto, Benazir. (1997). In Encyclopedia Americana. (Vol.3), 644-45.

     Danbury, CT: Grolier, Inc. [encyclopedia article -- note that Bhutto, 
     Benazir is the title of the article, not the author's name]

Giangreco, M. F. (1999-2000). What Do I Do Now? A Teacher's Guide to Including 

     Students With Disabilities. In K.L. Freiberg (Ed.), Annual Editions: Educating

     Exceptional Children, (pp. 18-20). Guilford, Ct: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill. [book 

Internet Filtering Software. (2002, April 26). Issues & Controversies on File, 

     145-168. [book chapter -- note that no author's name was given]
The Legacy: A Round Table of Historians Ponders How the Future Will View September 

     11. (2002, Sept. 9). Newsweek, 62-65. [popular magazine article --
     no author's name given]
Pendleton, D. A. (2000). The Government Should Legislate Morality. Opposing 

     Viewpoints: American Values, 190-195. [book chapter]


General Format:

Author's Last Name, First Initials. (publication year). Title: Capitalize the first 

     word only of title and subtitle (edition or volume number, if any). Place of 

     Publication: Publisher's Name.


Hawking, S. W., Thorne, K. S., Novikov, I., Ferris, T., & Lightman, A. (2002). The 

     future of spacetime. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. [book with multiple authors]
Lowenherz, D. H., Ed. (2002). The 50 greatest love letters of all time. New York: 

     Crown. [book with an editor instead of an author]
Needleman, J. (2002). The American soul: Rediscovering the wisdom of the founders. 

     New York: Putnam. [book with a subtitle]

Electronic Sources:

General Format for Online Databases:

Author's Last Name, First Initials. (publication date). Title of article. Name of 

     Periodical, volume number, pages. Date you accessed the article and URL of 

     database, or name of database [if it is a collection of entries from many 

     sources, like the databases available on Ohlone Library's homepage]


Counting California. (2002, June 18). Retrieved Oct. 1, 2002 from  [website]
Kagan, L.J., Aiello, A.E., & Larson, E. (2002, August). The role of the 

     home environment in the transmission of infectious diseases. Journal 

     of Community Health(27)(4), 247-267. Retrieved October 8, 2002 from 

     CINAHL Plus with Full Text database. [this database is accessible 

     from Ohlone Library's homepage]
Khan, Z. (2002, Sept. 2). Pakistan rejects Bhutto's candidacy; Former prime 

     minister will campaign anyway, aide says. Washington Post, p. A19. Retrieved

     September 19, 2002 from Newsbank Newspapers database. [this database is 

     accessible from Ohlone Library's homepage]
Makela, M. (1998). Viruses and bacteria in the etiology of the common cold. Journal 

     of Clinical Microbiology (36), 539-542. Retrieved October 1, 2002 from [electronic version of a print journal]
Senators wish Domenici would bring dog to work more often (2002, Sept. 18)
     [1 paragraph]. The Onion (38) (34), 1. Retrieved September 20, 2002 from [electronic journal]
Skinner, C. (2002). Benazir Bhutto. Contemporary Authors Online. Retrieved 

     September 20, 2002 from Gale Literary Databases. [this database is accessible 

     from Ohlone Library's homepage]

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