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Information for Vendors

Thanks for your interest in the Ohlone College Super Flea Market. The Flea Market is held the 2nd Saturday of every month, year-round. The Flea Market is in lots E and H.

Pre-Registration Booth Fee:

$30/BOOTH. APPROX. 17’ X 17’.
$40/BONUS BOOTH. APPROX. 17’ X 24’.
Exact CASH or Check, please.
Phone Registration ONLY by VISA or Mcard.
  NOTE: $5 processing fee will be added.
6 Months Contract available. See Office Manager.
No Refunds; Transfers; Rain Checks.

Pre-Registered Vendor Set Up Time:

6:00 AM. - 7:30 AM

Same Day Registration (Stand By). Pick up numbered ticket starting at 6:30 AM at Information trailer. Begin assigning booths at 7:30 AM for same day registrants.

7:30 AM at Flea Market Information Trailer. Lot E (park in Lot D)
$35/Booth. Approx. 17’ X 17’.
$45/Bonus Booth. Approx. 17’ X 24’.
Exact CASH or Check, please.
No Refunds; Transfers; Rain Checks.
Gate Closes at 8:30 AM

Selling Time:

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Clean Up:

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Violators will be fined.

Vendor Departure Time:

No earlier than 3:00 PM

Office Hours:

Stndard Hours: M-W-F 9:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 - 4:00 PM.
Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
Flea Market Week: M-Thr 9:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 - 4:00.
Flea Market Week Friday: 9:00-1:00.  Closed at 1:00 PM.
Week following Flea Market: Closed Monday.

How to register monthly for the flea market:

  1. Obtain an information packet. This will include the following items: the Rules and Regulations form (RR/12.x, Blue), the Registration form (REG/12.x, Yellow), the Special Events Certification BT 410-D (pink) the Fremont Business tax form (small blue), and other important information.

  2. ALL VENDORS: Read the Rules and Regulations form (RR/12.x, Blue) completely. Fill out the Registration Form (REG/12.x, Yellow).
  3. SELLER'S PERMT: You need a Seller's Permit if you are: selling new items, arts and crafts, antiques, have an inventory (more than 4 or more items that are the same), or have sold more than twice in 12 months within the State of California. You can contact The State Board of Equalization office at 510.622.4100 for more information. You can download the instructions and application to obtain a seller's permit at www.boe.ca.gov/pdf/boe400spa.pdf.
  4. SPECIAL EVENTS CERTIFICATION FORM:) If you are selling used merchandise from your home and have not done so more than once in the last 12 months in the State of California fill out form (BT 410-D, pink) Distribution of informative materials, e.g. real estate or insurance brochures, does not require a permit of any kind. Return this form with your Registration Form (REG/12.x, Yellow) to this office.
  5. ALL VENDORS MUST FILL OUT the Fremont Business License Tax Form (small blue). DO NOT SEND IT TO THIS OFFICE. Mail the Fremont Business Tax form (small blue) to: City of Fremont, Revenue Div., 39550 Liberty St., P.O. Box 5006, Fremont, CA 94537-5006. You may contact their office at 510.494.4790 for further information.
  6. ALL REQUIRED FORMS (other than the small blue Fremont Business Tax form) must be delivered to the Flea Market office or dropped into the mailbox located next to the door at building #20 (Flea Market office). You may complete these forms on the day of the flea market for the following month. The registration form (REG/12.x, Yellow) is good for 2012-2013. Place the completed forms in the mailbox provided at the information trailer, in person during Flea Market office hours, by mail, or by phone using a credit card (note: a $5 service charge will be added). If you are registering during the week of the Flea Market, you MUST bring the forms to the Flea Market in person. Do not mail.
  7. All pre-registered vendors (paid vendors before event day) must be in their booth before by 7:30 AM.


COLLEGE LIABILITY: Neither Ohlone College or the Ohlone College Super Flea Market is responsible for any damage, theft or injury that might occur to body, vehicle, or property while at The Ohlone College Flea Market. Ohlone College and/or the Ohlone College Super Flea Market reserves the right to refuse entry and/or service to anyone. Additionally, Ohlone College and/or the Ohlone College Super Flea Market reserves the right to expel anyone who, in the judgment of the Ohlone College Flea Market staff, fails to cooperate during the day of the Flea Market.

NO RAIN CHECKS: It may be necessary to close the Flea Market due to inclement weather such as rainy, stormy and/or windy conditions. The Flea Market staff has the sole discretion to determine whether or not the Flea Market will remain open. IF THE FLEA MARKET CLOSES, ALL VENDORS MUST LEAVE. Ohlone College cannot be liable for anyone after the flea market is closed. NO REFUND OR CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED.
NO PETS/ANIMALS ALLOWED: Pets and animals are not allowed. Seeing/hearing dogs are permitted for use by the disabled.

Failure to follow the terms and conditions outlined below can result in the forfeiture of space on the current flea market day and/or future reservations. Thus canceling contracts, pre-registrations and same-day registrations:

  1. YOU MAY NOT SELL, DISPLAY OR CONSUME: Alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, firearms, toys resembling firearms, ammunition, tobacco products, any merchandise requiring a permit or license, double edge knives, pen knives, and animals of any kind are not permitted to be sold within the flea market. You may not sell merchandise or printed material considered by the Ohlone College Flea Market staff to be racist, anti-gender, pornographic, or in anyway capable of promoting violence and/or destruction. The sale of food or beverages of any kind is not allowed without an Alameda County Health Department Permit, Liability Insurance, and prior approval from the flea market office. You may not cook, consume alcoholic beverages or BBQ at your booth or anywhere on these premises. You may not sell or display any merchandise that by sales, possession, or use are in violation of college, city, county, state or federal law.

  2. ARRIVAL TIME: After 7:30 AM, a stand-by vendor may be assigned the booth of a late-arriving vendor. If the vendor arrives and his or her space is occupied, the late-arriving vendor must report to the Flea Market trailer in Parking Lot E where another space will be assigned.
  3. MONTH-TO-MONTH REGISTRATION: Registrations for the following month begin the day of the present flea market. Those received earlier will be returned. Fremont/Newark residents receive priority registration over out-of-district residents the Monday and Tuesday following the Flea Market. Registrations can be made by any of the steps listed on the front of this page.
  4. CONTRACTS: A contract guarantees the same space for a six-month period and is available from January through June and July through December at an increased rate.
  5. USE OF BOOTH: You may not transfer, sublet, sell part of your booth, or turn your reservation over to another vendor. All vendors must reserve their own space. If a vendor does not attend the flea market, there is no refund.
  6. NOISE VOLUME: Only low-volume generators may be used. Radios or stereos should be used at a comfortable volume level.
  7. BODY PIERCING: To observe universal precautions for infection control, vendors are prohibited from body piercing or puncturing unless the vendor has a $1,000,000 liability insurance, an Alameda County Health Department permit that covers these activities, and permission from The Ohlone College Super Flea Market.
  8. CLEAN-UP: DO NOT LEAVE MERCHANDISE OR TRASH OF ANY KIND IN YOUR BOOTH. Spaces must be CLEANED AND VACATED BY 5 P.M. Boxes must be broken down and all trash and merchandise remnants must be removed from the premises by being placed in bags and left in the dumpster, located behind the Flea Market Information trailer, or taken home. The garbage cans on the grounds are for shoppers only; they are not intended for vendor use. Do not use them. We do not allow outside charities to pick up remaining trash. Vendors who ignore these clean-up procedures will be billed a clean-up fee of $10.00. If the problem continues, future registration will be forfeited without refund.
  9. SELLING PLANTS: Vendors selling plants from a nursery must have a "Nursery Stock License" issued by the Department of Food and Agriculture. Vendors who want to sell plants they grew at home must have a waiver from the Department of Food and Agriculture. In both cases, a copy of the license and waiver must be on file at the Flea Market Office.

For more information call:

Elaine Nagel
(510) 659-6285
(510) 659-6009 FAX

Please contact rettare@ohlone.edu with your questions, comments and suggestions.
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