What CTE Does for Students

Steps for Getting Ohlone College Credit

If you are currently enrolled in a 2+2 course (see 2+2 course listing (PDF)) at your high school or Mission Valley ROP, you could be eligible to receive college credit for completing this class. The steps are simple, and the payoff is tremendous. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time by not having to repeat the course again in college.

1: Meet Academic Requirements -
In order to receive credit for this class, you will need to earn an A or B in the class and pass the "Credit by Examination" requirement. The exam could be anything from a report or project to a test. Your instructor will provide you with detailed information about the "Credit by Examination" requirement.

2: Submit an Ohlone College Application -
You must complete an Ohlone College admissions application online or a printed Ohlone College admissions application (PDF), or you can receive one from the Ohlone College Office of Admissions & Records. Once you have completed an application, follow the instructions for New Student Admissions and Registration.

3: Complete "2+2 Student Contract for Credit" -
If you meet the academic requirements in Step 1, your instructor will provide you with the 2+2 Student Contract for Credit (PDF). Please complete this form and give it to your instructor before the last day of class.

Who to Contact at Your School

Contact your high school counselor or the Career College Specialist in your school's Career Center. The Ohlone departments listed may also have more information.

Local High School Contacts
High School Contact Name Phone/Email
American High School Theresa D'Audney (510) 796-1776 x57408
Irvington High School Linda Kimmel (510) 656-5711 x46377
Kennedy High School Becky May (510) 657-4070 x27204
James Logan High School Barbara Hart (510) 471-2520 x5561
Mission San Jose High School Catherine Castillou (510) 657-3600 x37072
Mission Valley Regional Occupation Program (MVROP) Trudy Parker (510) 657-1865
Newark Memorial High School Sally Holguin (510) 818-4332
Washington High School Michaelene Whittmer (510)505-7300 x67379


Other College Contacts
Department Contact Name Phone/Email
Arts and Social Sciences Division Sheila Holland (510) 659-6216
Early Childhood Studies Department Janice Jones (510) 979-7589
Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Division Robert (Bob) Bradshaw (510) 659-6024
Career Technical Education Gale Carli (510) 742-3101
Admissions and Records Heidi Barkow (510) 659-7381
Computer Studies Lesley Buehler (510) 659-6082



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