What Articulation Does for Instructors

What Articulation Does For Your Program

My High School or MVROP Course is Articulated - Now What?

1: First make sure everyone knows it! Check your school catalog/guide with the course listing and make sure your class is noted on the listing as being articulated.

2: Apply for Admissions! All high school students must apply for admissions with Ohlone College online through OpenCCCApply found at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/admissions/. All high school students are required to apply for admissions at the beginning of each term you are enrolled in a class that you will receive college credit. This is per Title V of the California Education Code, sections 48800, 48800.5, 76001, and 76002.

3: Advertise! Put up a notice that states your class is a 2+2 program and that students can earn college credit while still in high school. Distribute the CTE handouts that are sent to you at the beginning of each year. There is additional material available from the Career Tech at each high school.

4: Prepare your students for the challenge of a 2+2 course. Remember that articulation means that your course is the same course that is being taught at the college. To receive Ohlone College credit, students must earn a grade of B or higher in the class and pass the "Credit by Examination" component.

5: Near the end of your course, check to make sure that you have a supply of blank 2+2 Student Contract for Credit forms (see forms). You may obtain more 2+2 Student Contract for Credit forms from the Mission Valley ROP office or from the Career Tech at your high school.

6: Make a roster of students who will receive the 2+2 Student Contract for Credit forms. Have the student complete the top portion of the 2+2 Student Contract for Credit forms. Be sure all information is completed clearly and accurately. Collect these forms and hold them until the end of the course when the grading and Credit by Exam component are complete. Submit a copy of your roster to the Admissions Office at Ohlone College so we can complete your student’s applications.

7: You should explain to your students the process for requesting Ohlone College credit, and the importance of informing the Ohlone College counselors about the 2+2 courses when they enroll at the college. A student who successfully completes a 2+2 articulated course could be cleared to enroll in the next level of course work at Ohlone College.

8: You are encouraged to make continual contacts with your counterpart at the college level, inviting him/her to visit your classroom or visit his/her program. If you have an advisory committee, an obvious action would be to ask him / her to be a member of your committee. All articulation agreements should be updated every two years by the discipline specific faculty at the high school/MVROP and Ohlone College.

Articulation Steps for Instructors

1: Request Course for Articulation

    • High school or MVROP faculty reviews current Ohlone College catalog or Schedule of Classes for comparable course(s).
    • Requesting high school faculty completes Request for Articulation form. Download Ohlone College 2+2 Student Contract for Credit forms (PDF) or call the CTE office to have a Request for Articulation form mailed to you.
    • Requesting high school faculty sends Request for Articulation form to Tech Prep office along with appropriate high school course outlines, competency list, names of textbooks used, and equipment used.
    • CTE office sends completed Request for Articulation form and supporting materials to the Department Chair and discipline specific faculty, who determine whether there is a potential for articulation.

2: Initial Evaluation of Course Equivalency

    • CTE office sends the appropriate Ohlone College course outline(s) to the requesting High School/MVROP faculty.
    • Requesting faculty prepares CTE Course Outline (download the CTE Course Outline (DOC) or call CTE office) and emails it to CTE office.
    • The Department Chair and discipline specific faculty review the Tech Prep Course Outline to determines whether to convene Articulation Committee.
    • CTE office notifies the requesting faculty as to whether the articulation request will go to committee.

3: Convene Articulation Committee

    • CTE office forms an Articulation Committee, consisting of CTE staff, Ohlone College Division Dean, and discipline specific faculty member(s) from the high school and the college.
    • CTE office convenes a meeting between the Articulation Committee members.

4: Review Curriculum for Equivalency

    • Articulation Committee reviews the CTE Course Outline and either approves it or make recommendations. Curriculum review includes an in-depth review of course objectives, competencies, exams/evaluations, textbooks, grading standards, critical thinking skills, written assignments, outside assignments, equipment, and facilities to determine if the high school/ROP course(s) meet collegiate standards of quality and rigor.
    • Curriculum modifications may be suggested and implemented. If all members agree, the High School/MVROP faculty member incorporates changes into CTE Course Outline.
    • If necessary, a second meeting is scheduled for further discussion.

5: Finalize Articulation Agreement

    • If all members of the Articulation Committee approve the CTE Course Outline, the CTE office prepares a CTE Articulation Agreement.
    • The CTE office circulates the CTE Articulation Agreement to obtain necessary signatures.
      • College Vice President of Instruction
      • College Dean
      • Ohlone College discipline specific faculty member
      • High School discipline specific faculty member
      • School Director or ROP Administrator

6: Record Articulation Agreement

    • CTE office revises Articulation Master List to include new agreement.
    • CTE office files the agreement with original signatures in the CTE office.

7: Notify Appropriate Campus Personnel

    • At the end of the spring semester, CTE office sends a copy of the Articulation Master List to the appropriate college and high school personnel.
    • Copies of the signed Articulation Agreement will be sent to:
      • MVROP main office or appropriate high school district office
      • Ohlone College Division Dean
      • Faculty who signed the agreement




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