Earn College Credit While In High School

The Ohlone Career Technical Education (CTE) program offers courses that students can begin taking in high school that can lead directly to a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate Degree at Ohlone College. High school students can complete introductory CTE (sometimes called "2+2") courses in local high schools or at Mission Valley ROP and earn Ohlone College credit. CTE is a clear and continuous path to higher achievement, more career options, and college. The program promotes academic excellence as well as career prepartion.

Explore our website to see how Ohlone's Career Technical Education program can work for you! Then, view our individual program videos:

Narinder Bansal, Environmental Science (ENVS)

Amber Hatter, Business Supervisory Management (BSM)

Heather McCarty, Work Experience (WEX) and Career Technical Education (CTE)

Matt O'Donnell, Entertainment and Design (EDT)

Jeff Roberts, Kinesiology (KIN)

Ohlone College Enrollment Process

Ohlone College Transfer Center

Ohlone College Computer Science Mashup

Ohlone College CNET Mashup

Early Childhood Studies Department at Ohlone College