ART/IS/MUS/TD-100 Survey of the Arts
ART-101 Art: An Introduction
ART-104A Two-Dimensional Design
ART-104B Color and Three-Dimensional Design
ART-106A Descriptive Drawing
ART/GA-109A Beginning Graphic Design I
ART/GA-110A Advanced Graphic Design I
ART-111A Introductory Painting
ART-112 Watercolor
ART-116B Advanced Sculpture
ART-117A Museum and Gallery Techniques
ART-122A Ceramic Throwing I
ART-133A Black and White Photography
ART-134A Basic Color Photography
ART-139A/GA/CS-169A Digital Photography
ART/JOUR-145 Digital Photojournalism
ART/JOUR-146 Photography/Graphic Arts Newspaper Staff
ART/ID-150A Interior Design Concepts
ART/ID-151 Visualization and Presentation
ART/ID-153 History of Decorative Arts
ART/ID-154 Contemporary Home Design
ART/ID-155 Architectural Drafting for Interior Design
ART/ID-155B CAD for Interior Design
ART/ID-156 Architectural Modelmaking for Interior Design
ART/ID-158 Textiles
ART/ID-159A Applied Design: Residential Lighting
ART/ID-159B Applied Design: Color for the Home
ART/BA/GA/CS-160A Computer Graphics I
ART/GA/CAOT-161A Digital Graphics I
GA/CAOT-188 Desktop Publishing with QuarkXpress
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