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A light bulb went off in Lupe's little string head. The old Universe wasn't gone, he thought, just spread out over a great distance. And that connection that Lupe had with the rest of the Universe was still there--it's just another long distance relationship.

"That's it!" Lupe shouted. "We all made up of the same shit!"

A voice came vibrating out of a nearby clump of string. "Lupe, who are you talking to?'

"I was just here with Polly and Wally, when all of the sudden, Polly disappeared, and Wally was stoked about the Universe. Didn't you see them?"

The tiny loop of string shrugged and went back to vibrating. Maybe strings were the fundamental substance, Lupe thought. What Lupe didn't understand was that Polly and Wally were just manifestations of Lupe, as he varied his frequency from time to time. They were like the ego that tells you what to do, what to feel, and what to desire. He had all the power in the world to be free and roam about the cosmos, but he had one more thing to do.

Lupe sat with his thumb up his butt, trying to decide if he should opt out of the causal chain. On the one hand, there was a sense of purpose that Lupe felt when he followed the light, causing the next series of events to occur. Only a tiny loop of string like him, being the most fundamental of things, could bare such a responsibility. The other side of the coin was that he had no choice in the matter; he had to be a string or else fail to exist entirely. Lupe's inability to answer this dilemma would only leave him with a question sitting in his mind for the rest of eternity. Action required response. Would Lupe fight the Universe, and stick it to "the Man", forgoing the one decision that was his to make? Or would he run away, disappear, bid farewell to his fellow strings and haul his ass in to the void, only to burn up like a paper airplane entering an atmosphere. There must be another way, Lupe thought.

The light below him was fading away, and all but a few strings were still in the Event. The duality was starring Lupe in the face; to exist, or to not exist. Unable to answer, Lupe let go of his predicament, and to sing the song of the Universe. He sang until the flow of the Universe carried him off into the next Event, slowly at first, and then approaching the speed of light. Stars shot past like streaks of lightning, and planets zoomed in and out of focus. He could see energies all around him and felt their presence no matter how close or far away. Lupe was neither here nor there, in a place where there was no time, nor space. Lupe traveled across the void to witness the birth of a star, and later found himself surfing the pipe of a wormhole with an old buddy. There was harmony and peace, a fullness in every experience. Lupe welcomed this new way of traveling, and never looked back to ask why he was there, doing what tiny loops of string do. All the while, singing the song that he knew and loved.


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