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"What do you mean, 'your last event'?"

"I mean, I'm not playing along anymore. Instead of following everyone else into the light, which I always do, I'm going to jump into that dark empty space over there. I'll probably burn up like pure energy."

Polly looked confused. "How do you now you'll turn into pure energy. What if you just disappear forever?"

"Well, at least it will be something different. I'm sick of going from one Event to another; causing and effecting, effecting and causing. It doesn't make any fucking sense."

"What does your little crew of strings have to say about this dilemma you are having?"

Polly was referring to the group of strings called "The CY". Because Lupe was the little guy in the Universe, he was always getting pushed around and was powerless against bigger, more massive particles. So, Lupe and several other like-minded strings decided to form a shape that would allow them to combine their efforts to be a positive force that could effect change and compete with other objects for space. Just as Clark Kent used a telephone booth to become Superman, Lupe used the CY to become a "Super string". String Theorists believe that, unlike Polly the particle, Lupe was the real "Fundamental Substance". Depending on how Lupe was vibrating, he was often mistaken for a quark, lepton, or other particle. This theory started a whole new momentum in physics, giving insight to long, unanswered questions about the Universe. But Polly never accepted String Theory as being of any significance to the Universe. She constantly reminds Lupe that the Scientific Community has serious doubts about the validity of String Theory, especially the absurdity that anything could make use of 11 dimensions. Little did she know that Lupe was the key to answering what went wrong between her and Wally, especially concerning their marriage ending, "property dispute".

Lupe vibrated a little before answering. "The CY understands that I want to change the Universe, and that, understanding the Universe is the first step in effecting change."

Polly retaliated, saying, "If you opt out of the causal chain, the only thing you'll change is your existence. Not existing is just like when I spontaneously disappear, and believe me, disappearing is no fun." Polly was only half engaged in the conversation. She checked the heavens once more for her any sign of her beloved Wally.

"Where do you go when you disappear, Polly?"

"Usually, I go to a parallel Universe, where time runs backwards, Black Holes breathe a fiery light and happy hour starts at 9 am. Everything is turned upside down and you are left struggling to keep your mind from severing all ties with your body."

Lupe was silent for a moment. "Hmmm...sounds like this one time when I was in a mosh pit at a Bad Religion concert. I went with a few other strings, thinking it would be a lot of laughs when I found myself in the middle of some human tornado. I don't know, I just wanted to try something new for a change. I was getting tired of the same old (solar flare causes planet to heat - causes life to form - causes life to seek out life on other planet - causes planet to explode). You know what I mean?"

"Not really," answered Polly, who was getting anxious about the arrival of her lost loved one.

Suddenly, a familiar song echoed from all directions. It was the kind of song that you hear in the melody of all things, but was difficult to put a name to.

"WHAT'S UP BRO!!!!?"

Wally was circling the Event vortex at the speed of light. He looked bright and vibrant with a constant sense of movement. The wave of light bobbed up and down, like a beach ball rolling around in the surf. Wally had achieved a Zen-like consciousness, to which time and space did not exist. He was of no particular shape, and was neither here nor there. Lupe knew right away that any attempt to carry on a conversation with Wally would be like try to talk to God.

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