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Polly used to be a wonderful creature, who cared more for her friends and family than herself. She always encouraged the other particles to be picked first during a singularity, and never cried when she underwent fission. She was a selfless and thoughtful individual. But, she too changed after the Big Bang. For example, depending on how Polly was traveling, Polly's mass would increase dramatically. When Wally and Polly started disputing over their newly assigned properties, Polly used a particle accelerator to try and catch up to Wally, who was busy jettisoning through space at incredible speeds. As she approached the speed of light, Polly's mass ballooned to 100 times her normal mass, which later subsided once she slowed down. These Frequent And Temporary Size Oscillations earned her the nickname F.A.T.S.O. Polly, like most neutrinos, was very sensitive about her weight. She thought that Wally wouldn't slow down to talk with her because she was so much larger than when they were first dating, but the truth of it was that Wally didn't have much to say, other than, "THE UNIVERSE IS GROOVY!."

F.A.T.S.O. was having a crisis.

Several years later, the Scientific Community discovered Polly after she collided with some bigger particles in the accelerator. She was the smallest thing that they had ever come across, thus starting a new chapter in theoretical physics. She was given her own theory, called Quantum Mechanics, and shortly after that, landed a book deal, which lead to a Nobel Prize, and so on. Polly was thought to be the building block for all other things in the Universe. She was given the greatest title anything in the Universe could receive--"The Fundamental Substance". But success and fame took its toll on Polly, and made her lose track of who she was. For no apparent reason, Polly would suddenly disappear, only later to be found slumming in some back-alley dimension, getting high on energy and wandering around aimlessly amongst the stars. At times, she felt that her problems were so complicated that all the mathematicians in the world couldn't solve them. She started searching for the one person she knew could give her back her identity and make her remember the good times before the Big Bang. Wally would know what to do, she thought. He was smart like that.

Lupe vibrated a bit before breaking the silence. "Polly, can I ask you a question?"

"You just did."

"Ok, can I ask you another one?"

"Fuck, is this going to take long?"

"No, I just...I've just been thinking about it all, you know, like what's the point of all this?" Lupe gestured to the heavenly mist that surrounded them. They were both sitting at time-zero in an Event light-cone, with waves of light swirling above and below them. Polly was hoping that one of those waves would be Wally.

Polly shrugged, "I don't know Lupe, maybe there is no point, and that's the point."

"So it's all just one big paradox?"

"Look, nothing makes sense anymore. Before, everyone had the same job, sang the same song, and lived according to the same law.   It was so controlled and peaceful. But now, things can only get more random, more disorderly, that's the new law." Polly took a deep breath; she didn't want to look all puffy when Wally showed up.

Lupe chimed in," well, I've been thinking about it, and I want to make this event, my very last event ever,"

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