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Not too long ago, a tiny loop of string sat vibrating in space. The black ether surrounding him gave birth to a bright, cone-shaped phantasm that stretched infinitely in both directions like a giant hourglass. Time did not exist, and an instant easily lasted an eternity. The scene was like a vacuum swirling with pixy dust, a tornado made out of fireflies. Light was bending in all directions, and matter was condensing to a single point. In this point was the next Event in a series of causally related instances that have been going on since the beginning of time. Lupe the loop of string was a part of this event. He did not know why he was there, or what he was supposed to do. He sat with the other little loops of string; just another piece of it all, sick of it all, shaking in the cold silent void.

Before the Big Bang, all the matter in the Universe sat together in perfect harmony. There was an order and purpose to things, and no reason to question existence--everything just was. Planets and stars swayed to the ebb and flow of the Universe, as they shared their eternal love for one another in absence of hate, chaos and destruction. To this day, you can still hear the song that the Universe sang, in the form of a dull hum. Nobody knows for sure why the Universe didn't stay this way. In an instant, all matter was strewn across the empty void and given a new set of rules to abide by. Gravity was stretching and pulling as stars were forming and dying, lighting up the otherwise eternal darkness. No more order, or reason; only causality and chaos. For Lupe, the Big Bang meant we all got screwed.

Lupe was thinking about the meaning of it all. Why was he here? Why does he spend eternity jumping from one event to another, like some never-ending game of cosmic hopscotch? Could he choose his own destiny? Could he make this Event be his last? All this was going through Lupe's mind, when suddenly a tiny particle came rising up from below the vertex of the Event where Lupe sat. The little neutrino quickly glanced around in all directions, as if looking for a God to pray to. Lupe instantly recognized her.

"Hey Lupe, why are you looking so glum?" asked Polly.

"It doesn't make sense Polly," responded Lupe. "No fucking sense at all."

"Awww, that's too bad," she said with sarcasm in her voice and quickly changed the subject. "Have you seen Wally?"

Wally was a wave of energy, full of life and free of responsibility. He surfs his way around the fabric of space-time, without knowing or needing to know why. But he wasn't always like this. Prior to the Big Bang, Wally was just another piece of matter in the Universe, which was condensed down to about the size of your thumb. Over time, Wally formed special bonds with others in the Universe. One such bond was a marriage with Polly, who at the time was feeling like the Universe was too small for a vibrant and energetic neutrino like herself. They were deeply in love and practically inseparable, like yin and yang. They knew each other better than they knew themselves. But everything changed after the Big Bang. Wally was suddenly stricken with the need to travel at the speed of light, as a wave of energy, but Polly couldn't keep up with him, nor could she bare the thought of maintaining a long distance relationship. Thus, the force that held Wally and Polly's marriage together slowly weakened, until it finally fell apart. Polly still regrets not being able to stay with her husband, and now spends every waking second looking to patch things up with him. Wally is simply on a different level than her. He has totally detached from the "old Wally", leaving the past behind as he embraces the present. He dances around the Universe like a kid on a playground.

"Wally?" pondered Lupe. "I thought you two were divorced."

"Well, I found this new particle accelerator and I think it might help us work though our problems, you know, with the 'property dispute' we are having. The trouble is that it makes me gain weight like a water balloon. You know how neutrinos like me gotta watch their figure. The other day, someone mistook me for a quark. Am I really that fat? Do I look like a quark to you?"

"Noooo, not at all. You look like a little neutrino, a little neutrino on a crack binge."

"Awww, thanks!"

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