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An alarm sounded in the lab then, breaking the tense, strange silence that had fallen between the two, once close friends. Then they heard other alarms begin screeching, all throughout the EdenCorp property. Eve grabbed the phone and dialed quickly.

"Hello, security? What's happening?"

"Doctor Veritas, this isn't...I really should be helping the others now."

It was Martin, EdenCorp's head of security. Eve hadn't recognized the familiar voice before, it was trembling now.

"Martin, what the hell is going on? "

"It's the Free-Earthers, Doc. They're, uh...they're attacking us."


"There are hundreds of them. Some of them have guns, some have bats...some just look like crazy mother fuckers...they came at us from all sides of the property. They've killed everyone on the first two floors. My teams are trying to keep them back, the fire doors are locked and the elevators are stopped...but they're still getting in."

"But, Logan...my husband, Logan Hunter, he's on the first floor. Is he alright? Did he make it out?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but no one made it out. If he is alive, he's in there with those maniacs...But I suggest you get to safety somehow. Back up is on its way...I have to go."

The line went dead, and Eve screamed, a mixture of fear and outrage. Adam didn't even look up at the sound. He'd heard the whole conversation on speaker phone, and still he just stood there, with that same quiet rage rippling off of him in waves.

"Adam, come on! We've got to get out of here! We'll go up the security stairs to the roof. Maybe then they'll send a helicopter to get us down or something...I don't know...but we have to do something, come on!"

But still he was motionless. Eve grabbed his arm and tugged until he was forced to follow, and then they were running. They made their way quickly up to the roof in a hidden security stairwell, hoping the invaders wouldn't discover this route.

Once on the roof, Eve closed the door behind them and began to shout for help.

"Dammit, Eve..." she heard Adam say softly from behind her. "Fuck! Don't you see what we've done?! Don't you see now what we've done to the world?!"

"We didn't do anything , these people are insane!"

"We took everything from them!" Adam screamed at her, so close now she could hear his heart thundering in his chest. "We took away all that they believed in. We showed the world not to believe in heaven or hell, not to believe in something... more ! We showed them that this is all there is! This is as close as we get to whatever heaven should be...this is hell , Eve, and we made it happen!"

"We showed them the truth!" Eve shouted back at him. "All we did was let them see what was right there in front of them all along. We did nothing wrong , Adam."

"Eve, we unlocked the one great mystery that was never meant to be solved, don't you see? We took away their beliefs, their hopes, their faith in something greater."

"Adam, you're an atheist! You've always come out against belief in God or religion in any form, now all of the sudden -"

"Now I see, Eve," he interrupted. "Now I understand why these people believe in what they can't see, what they can't prove or explain - they need to believe that there is something more than this, that life has a purpose, that there's a reason we're all here. They need to believe that after all of this sadness and loss and struggle, they'll end up somewhere better than this! Faith is what keeps people going when they feel that all is lost, and now we've taken that away from them."

"You're acting like everyone believed in living for God and heaven, when that isn't true, Adam. You yourself are an example of that! A great many people in this world were never religious to begin with -"

"But they still had some hope , even if they didn't believe it, even if they didn't think they had it...I know that for a fact, Eve. You have to believe in something , that there is some reason to be a good person in life, that life is a means to a better end. Even if it's not God or religion or anything spiritual at all, we all have this innate sense of wonder, this unfounded knowledge that someday things will all make sense, that life will have been worthwhile...and now we've destroyed that, Eve...we've crushed it!"

He stopped then, and started to cry again. But this time it wasn't sadness in his eyes, it wasn't grief or anger - it was guilt.

Eve saw Adam reach a hand behind his back, but before she could ask what he was doing, before she had the chance to try again to comfort her friend, she heard the swooping sounds of a helicopter approaching.

"Adam, they've come for us! We'll be fine now...we'll be okay."

"Eve, don't you get it yet? We did this! All of this...the Free Earth movement, all the crime and murder and chaos - it was us, you and me. When we opened everyone's eyes to the truth, when we took their hopes away, we killed them all. We'll never be okay. Nothing will ever be okay again."

And with that, before she could even respond, Adam pulled a gun out from behind him and shot Eve right between the eyes, the sound of the gunshot completely overpowered by the approaching helicopter's bellowing propeller.

And then Eve was standing there, next to her fresh corpse, where she had just been - where she had always been. She saw Adam look at her, at the silhouette that remained of his former partner, and he stuffed the gun into his own mouth. He pulled the trigger, and for a second Eve saw him rise up out of his body.

And then he was nowhere and nothing at all.

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