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Why is it now that we don't choose the best one for the job but the better of two evils, then cower when the great hour comes to see how they react to issues we see as important.

Why do we allow them to dance around issues, let them distract u.s. with strong emotions just so they can hand out tissues, with a vote for me sticker attached.

We are a country united by people who can't agree on anything, ripping and clawing at one another to get the win in the political ring.

Millions spent on campaign ads, while dads struggle working double shifts to feed their kids, single moms and throngs of homeless on the streets.

Even more spent on weaponry to fuel war in Iraq but what about the war on poverty, was that war won?

Are all those people struggling on the streets an mirage, a trick played on my eyes, do I not see kids wearing rags but having fun?

And not just here but all over the world, while we argue about terror, millions are left to starve each day and to my dismay not one corporation gives back.

These are just a few problems but there is so much more to touch on, don't fall into the con of false thinking that all is well, that we are invincible inside our red, white and blue shell.

Don't misunderstand all who live here should be grateful to be so sheltered but don't let your own views skew the big picture, whether you favor far left or right or somewhere in between.

With so many fingers pointed at so many people for so many problems, stop for a second

and point the finger at yourself, ask yourself how you may be negatively contributing.

Now not everyone can be a revolutionary but maybe asking a few questions instead of just going along with common belief can start the wheels turning.

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