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Questions and Curiosities

Asking questions and being curious may seem like a pointless task but maybe it can help to unmask what ails u.s.

To sift through confusion and illusion that quite cloud the minds of young and old.

How can we see clear to grasp "truth" when there are so many "truths" to be told?

We are taught to embrace the dream of America but what dream will there be when we are blown up by our own invention, from a nation of our own creation?

Since when were we given the power to pull apart north from south?

To invade any land and shove our ideals down their mouth?

Like with the lands of the mid east,

Mission Accomplished so said the chief,

Then why are soldiers still dying in foreign sands, our flags burning not flying?

What works for one may not work for another but still we try to prove Democracy is above all.

But how can we spread Democracy when we are a Republic, won't a contradictory message just fall?

And how has it come that beasts of burden from right and left have their leashes on u.s. making u.s. bow down to them?

Aren't they our representatives, an extension of our will, our ideals not a position that polishes their credentials or a step to further their tentative plans for power?

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