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"My premed teacher is such a bitch, kinda like that math teacher we had in sixth grade, except she doesn't wear a toupee." She paused as if waiting for a reply, "By the way, I haven't told you about premed. I want to help people and becoming a nurse or maybe even a doctor is one way. I was inspired by you, you should be proud. I'm hoping to get a job here at this hospital and take care of you, unless you wake up first but... honestly I don't know if you'll ever wake up." Her voice cracked. "Honestly, every time I come here   I end up depressed. I need you now more then I've ever needed you and time is running out, please wake up."


She unscrewed a small bottle and took a long sip. "Thank God for alcohol." She continued in a mournful voice, "I'm insanely jealous of women who don't need anyone or anything, but as much as I'd like to be one of them I can't. I know what it feels like to be loved and love back, and I want to experience it again, until death does us part." Tears welled up in her eyes, "Oh, why am I wasting my time? You can't hear me anyway!"

She flew out of the room.

"Hello Mr. Martinez, I'm here to change your intravenous solution and sexually harass you while you can't protect yourself." She was wearing a nurse's gown and had a cart with all sorts of medical objects. "I'm really sorry about a couple of months ago, and about not visiting you for this long, but collage only just let out for Easter and I'm working as an apprentice nurse here. Doomed to change bedpans and give sponge baths unless I can survive another eternity at medical school and finally become a doctor." She skillfully replaced one bag of I.V. for another and changed the bedpan. "I can only stay here a tiny bit more, but guess what?" She pecked Mike on the lips, "I know how all the tubes work now so I can kiss you!" She crossed her arms, "And guess what else? I'm a nurse now and you have to do everything I say now, being a patient. So, wake up now, that's an order."


     "It's a boy." She announced with a joyless face, "And we're engaged to be married next week. I've given up medical school, because his parents are rich and he says we don't need a second source of income. I've always loved you and I will keep on loving you until death do us part and beyond even that, but I had no other choice. I need someone, but it looks like that someone is not going to be you. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I thought I'd take an optimistic take on life at first, but it didn't work out. Then I saw what I've worked so hard to ignore; that I'll need to live my life without you."

Her face was covered with tears now, but her voice held not the slightest shred of indecision.


She got up and left the room. All was plunged into an eerie silence and the green mountain had tuned into a flat, eternal plane.

The End 


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