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"Some TV maybe... awww, darn! I guess I'll... hmmm."

Sander just couldn't think of anything he could do with his left hand alone. Finally, he decided to head off to the movies and see what was playing. He hated movies.

"This one looks ok, as far as mindless entertainment is concerned. Someday all those movie-makers should try to do some real work, like me."

Sander sat down right in front of a couple of kids, whom he hated, so that during segments of the movie that were boring he could make fun of them. The movie showing was a remake of a remake of a really bad action movie, so it didn't take long for Sander to resort to taunting them.

"Hey kids! Don't you have better things to do? Like studying? Ever heard of that? Or are you too stupid?"

The kids responded something about Sander being gay and telling him to fuck off. Five minutes later Sander was all but strangling them and the manager asked him to leave. That was when Sander's right hand broke free and, fueled by his anger, crunched the manager's face so it was completely un-recognizable. Then he grabbed the two kids and ripped their limbs off. The guards that ran in to stop him were similarly decapitated.


"Ok let's see, take four."

I delve 'hat mu hond lz honteb.

Having run away from the authorities through obvious methods, Sander crouched between two garbage cans attempting to write a letter on his visiting cards to the only man who could help him now, the Pope or one of the cardinals if Mr. Vatican was occupied. Only problem was that his hand just wouldn't form the letters.

"Fine! There's no other thing for it, I just have to stay calm."

Sander, having only a few minutes ago tied down his right arm, untied it again and started to write as fast as he could. He finished and re-read his note.

Your ass is mine bitch!

Then Sander's right hand proceeded to stab him in the neck with the pen.

The End

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