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"I'll demolish this house of yours, but I ain't never gonna take a gig from this town AGAIN!" He puffed on his cigarette and looked at the house standing behind him. He took a few steps forward and stopped when he reached the stairs, and then he lit another cigarette and the stick of dynamite along with it. The crowd gasped and backed even further away, McFearther's expression changed; he liked dynamite. He held on to the dynamite as if it was his first born child and just as some of the crowd where getting ready to scram he threw the BOOM stick through the glass of one of the broken windows. Everyone covered their ears and closed their eyes tight, bracing themselves for the explosion. It never came.

"What the fuck is going on here?" McFearther asked himself, "That dynamite was supposed to explode by now." You could see his eyes tighten underneath his dark sunglasses. This was new to him, boom sticks never failed him.

"Seifried!" McFearther yelled, a young man stepped out from one of the bulldozers.

"Seifried! Go see what is going on in that house, PRONTO!" Seifried hesitated; he eyed both his boss and the house with caution.

"What's wrong Seifried? Scared of the big bad boom stick?" McFearther said tauntingly.

"It's just that, sir. They say that the house is c-c-cursed, sir." Seifried stuttered, his boss always made him stutter.

"So you're chicken, is that it Seifried? Being chicken will never get you anywhere in life, YOU GOT THAT!?" McFearther's and Seifried's noses where almost touching, the latter collapsed.

"Fine chicken boy, stay a underling all you life and SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU!!!" The crowd covered their ears, this time braceing themselves for McFearther's next sentence.

"You stay here chicken boy and I'll go see what all the trouble in the house is about, that'll show you how YOU SHOULD BEHAVE!" McFearther whacked Seifried on the head and turned once again toward the house. He leveled the stairs swiftly and placed his firm hand on the rusty doorknob of the old house. Then he did what no one in this town had ever done before; he opened the door.

In all those years of breaking windows, knocking on the doors, climbing on the stairs and tagging the walls no one had dared to open the door. After all, who knew what awaited them behind those seemingly unmovable oak barriers. Great Grandpa Joe, Grandma Kathryn, and Lacey with her two kids Mike and Joel all gasped. There was a shadow behind those doors, a shadow with a bloody knife and a twisted smile. McFearther's eyes opened wide and it seemed that they where going to pop out of their sockets. Then he fell, and fresh blood could be seen pooling on the floor and dripping from the shadow's knife.

The whole crowd stood paralyzed in awe as the shadow advanced toward them, then they started running like all hell had broken loose. Actually it was just a small portion of it, but you got to give them credit for this being their first time dealing with it.

As the townsfolk hurried away the shadow chased after them and soon caught up with a small group of drunks that where too stoned to run properly. Good thing that for most of them drinking was their one pleasure, at least they went out happy. Next the shadow dashed on all four limbs toward a phone booth in which some had taken refuge. The shadow passed right through the glass as bit a woman's head off, the rest tried to run but they didn't make it any further then the sidewalk before their heads too joined the woman's.

This blood bath continued until the shadow saw Lacey and prepared to kill her, Lacey did not run. There was a confused expression on her face, and if you looked closely you would notice that the shadow shared her complexion.

"I knew it," Lacey began in wonder, "It's just what I thought it would be." The shadow whined and dropped its knife. It just stood there motionless for a few seconds and then it let out a blood-curling scream, one that would rival the scream of a banshee and maybe even McFearther. The town froze in its tracks, suspended in mid-movement. The ground began to shake, and old house was the epicenter. The doors opened even wider and a stream of figures leaked out of it. Old ladies with knives in their backs, mentally ill men, ghosts of landowners, murderers, psychos, monsters from under the bed! Every single bit of gossip about that old house had materialized and formed an army of fiends. All through town people stood in a terror induced paralysis, thinking the same thing that Lacey had just said. The people who stood around too long paid the price, in limbs!

All of the terror and blood in the air condensed to form a curtain of clouds around town, it's a cinematically proven fact that this will almost always happen after a menace to society has escaped from its ridicules imprisonment and killed a few people who nobody has ever heard of. Lightning and thunder inevitably followed, and soon after that the miserable rain started pouring onto the streets. Washing away the blood.

Seifried was still standing in front of the old house, the one everyone had forgotten about by now. Everyone's attention was, after all, on the things trying to kill them. Seifried was marked as a chicken boy and rightfully marked at that, but curiosity overtook his fear. It was perfect; the house standing there abandoned by both humans and beasts with an open door that was drawing him in. Before he could change his mind he had already mounted the steps and sprinted through the doorway. He was inside.

The interior of the house looked just as normal as the outside, only rotting, dusty and covered with cobwebs. There was no one inside but a few mice and a whole drove of cockroaches, typical. Then there was something else; the shadow of another beast could be seen moving through the hallway toward Seifried. His heart went wild, beating faster and faster! When the first furry foot could be seen peeking out from behind a wall with dreadful wallpaper Seifried's heart was at the bursting point, it was too late to run away. Then the rest of the beast stepped out into a clear line of vision. It was a gigantic Care Bear. Seifried passed out.

Seems the mother of a small girl was joking around and told her that a giant stuffed animal lived in that old house, so the little girl went around town telling anyone who would listen the truth about the house. The boys threw rocks at her and the girls called her a dummy, but here it was! The Care Bear bit off Seifried's left arm and reached into his chest to take his heart out, then he hugged him.

            The day was nearing its end and the streets where covered with dead bodies, bits of human flesh and streams of blood. The various nightmares where still running through the streets looking for pray, periodically stopping to nibble on the odd corpse. Soon reports of the incident would overflow newspapers, big bold headlines on the front page. Soon religious people would be arguing about who sent this punishment; God or Allah. Soon this town would be a tourist attraction with booths selling chubby models of beasts that had once been the cause of death for hundreds of people. What had this town done to deserve it, all they ever wanted was a shopping center.

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