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     One day Brad and I were in this little ice cream shop we'd found in the most hidden, desolate part of town, when we had a moment. It was brief, but I felt this deep emotion that I can't even describe, between us. It was like God had brought his mighty hand down and bound us together with holy tape. Brad's eyes flickered without blinking, and I felt compelled to do something on a more spiritual level with him. We sat in silence, looking at each other. What was it about his features that made him look so inhumanly perfect to me?

     I took my left hand finally and placed it on Brad's. My wedding band was there on my ring finger where it should. I was no longer trying to keep it from him. To me it looked dull and lifeless. It needed a good visit to the jeweler's to get cleaned, but it was hardly the main thing on my mind. I watched Brad notice it and he softly said, "You're husband is very lucky."     

     That was it! In my mind I was throwing my hands up in total surrender. I was lost in the sound of his voice at that point, not in his words. It was then that for the first time I leaned over, closed my eyes, and moved my lips towards Brad's until they met.

     Ten minutes later, the two of us were in the same situation, but fully naked and under the sheets of his bed. I shut off most of my thoughts and let my body take over with full passion. This was what love should feel like. Something came out of me that I'd never felt before, and I'm sure it will always be at both my top and worst list of moments in my life.

     I'd been so good not to go over to his house. I'd been so careful not to go to places with him that were too private. I never flirted with him once.

For almost a full semester, I'd gotten away with having the hottest guy in the whole universe as my strictly platonic friend, and ended it with one silly moment of lust in an ice cream shop. I'd also ruined my marriage. How easy was that?     

     Once we were done, I ran my fingers through his silky hair till falling asleep on his chest. An hour later, Brad woke me up and reminded me that I should probably head home. I looked at my cell phone. It was nearly five o'clock. Mike would be home in an hour. With this realization, a sudden pounding headache hit me like a morning hangover. I quickly dressed, ran a comb through my hair, and was on my way.     

     That night I couldn't sleep. I did a fairly good acting job as if nothing adulteress-like had happened earlier, and Mike seemed to fall into dreamland quite innocently. My body was screaming inside. I was sweating cold, illicit transudation from my pours. How could I have done that to Mike? He worked so hard to make me happy, so I could go to school, so we could start a real family someday. And then I thought maybe I was pregnant. Maybe I was going to have a baby Brad in nine months. I swear I went legally insane that night and somehow got better in the morning. Mike left for work and I just stayed in bed.

     And now I'm here. Facing this terrible cross-road in my life. Whether or not Mike will want to keep me, I don't know. But from now on I will not trust myself. I am no longer who I thought I was.

      I  am  a  cheater.

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