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     I am a cheater. A dirty, lying, sinning cheater. I never thought I had the drive in me, but some how I went for the big mindless plunge. They say marriage is tough. Try cheating and getting away with it. Not that I wanted to. Honestly, I felt really bad once my mind had gone back to its normal state and the consequence of my act began to nestle in. I just couldn't get passed the guilt. It was way too strong for me to handle. So, now I have to tell him. In about two and a half hours, I will be 'fessing up to the ugliest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

     As I recall the events, my mind begins to whirl. It's hard to imagine what I have done or really why. Ultimately, I have single-handedly (well, with a little more than just my hand) ruined a perfect relationship that would have lasted a long time. My marriage has lasted five years. Not bad compared to recent statistics. In California, the average marriage exists no more than two years. But never the less, I know I can't take this back.

     I met him at school where most people meet their friends. We had a class together, our favorite: Women's Studies. He was the only guy in class. And at that, drew my sexual attention almost instantly.

This scared me because I'd always been taught that sexual attraction to someone besides your own love was a horrible taboo. I'd seen it mess up relationships of my girlfriends over and over, while it never came as a distraction in my own. I'd always believed that my husband Mike had to be the one. Eight years as a couple, five in holy matrimony. He was the only person who could lift my spirits on a cold, sad day when the sky seemed to droop in mild depression.Mike and I were closer than my own mother and father had been and they happily fulfilled their vows "till death do us part" after fifty-three years. It was a frame-worthy connection I couldn't imagine ever being broken. Of course, no one has ever been able to accurately imagine how their life would end up.

     The guy in my women's studies class had clear blue eyes that seemed biologically impossible. That was the first pull-in. He also had this smooth, wanton style like a metro-sexual. That was the second tug. And finally, he had these wild pink lips that just kind of begged for a good nibble. I couldn't help it. This guy was the most positively appealing thing on the existence of the whole earth. I'd never been so attracted to someone in my life.

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