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So I typed and typed and typed, and while typing, hoped I would be done typing soon so I could have another conversation.

Ding, the bell sounded, and the storm of tap-dancing subsided.

           "So, what did you write about?"

He was in the process of lighting up another cigarette when I asked, so I breathed up that smelly goodness.

           "Peanuts, exchanging opinions about the meaning of life before they're turned into peanut butter."

            "Well that's interesting."

            "Thanks. You?"

            "It's about a country that became full of pussies. You know, those people that whine and want attention because they broke a nail, or got bitten by a non-lethal bug. Anyways, it got so full of pussies, it looked like there might have been a problem, but instead of leading to an irresponsible and unproductive society, it created opportunity for special services and employment that catered and serviced fancy pantsed people, who were able to get all the attention they wanted."

            "Good critique. Earth?"

            "Yeah. That's why I left originally. Got to full of pussies. Decided I had enough when they started running the world too."

            "We never had a problem with that on Pluto. The motto there was, 'No work, no pay,'" so he took a drag, "Or maybe it was, 'Go the whole mile, or sit in a ditch and die,'" so he took another drag, and stared very hard at nothing, "it was something like that anyway."

            "That's the way it should be."

So I leaned back in my booth and thought back on Earth, and what a wonderful place it used to be.

It was on his third cigarette when faceless voids barged into the room of typists. There was utter silence, quieter than a room full of inoperable typewriters. It was quieter than a room full of unmanned, inoperable typewriters. Point being, it was quiet.  

They--three of them--marched down the isles, their black bodies sucking the soup out of our eyes. It was a game in itself trying to focus on them, which seemed to elude stares the harder you tried, so you had to watch them from the periphery of your eyes. They were unreal.

So they floated down the isles in perfect symmetry, stopped before a booth, with a shivering man in it. His soma was shaking quite badly, and he said stuff. The voids said stuff back.

            "You know the rules."

            "Every story must have a beginning."

            "Must have an end."

            "A beginning need not be a beginning."

            "A end need not be an end."

            "I can't...I can't..."

So the voids joined together, created a black hole, and sucked the man from the booth into the hole; they sucked him into them. Then, like quicksilver, split and emptied out of the room.

            Upon exiting, there was nothing, and then there was everything.